Been a While

I’ve been thinking about how over the years I haven’t lived up to so many promises about posting here. I should change that by deciding on the type of things I post. In the past (say, 2004-or-so) I was at least partially opinionated about politics, social issues, and technology. My posts were sometimes rants and other times contributions to a larger conversation. The problem with those kinds of posts is that no one gives a crap about what I think; I’m not that influential. In recent years I don’t very much care about politics (they’re all full of shit) or television (they’re all full of shit, too). I am simply not passionate anymore concerning the popular.
What I have done for the past ten years is talk about, study, toy with, and teach technology. Being a full-time instructor, I’ve become even more fond lately of creating tutorials with screenshots and screencasts. For the last few months I’ve had a daily reminder on my calendar to write a post here, and every day when I look at it I have nothing to contribute. This evening I came across the weblog of a fellow IT worker, Jeffrey B. Murphy, who appears to write simple yet concise how-to’s and tech notes that help him through his days as a system administrator. This, as I see it, does two things: it provides him with some sort of searchable knowledge base he can reference and it offers the World Wide Web some sensible and usable information. I’ve done a few posts for similar reasons, and they happen to be among the more popular here.
I’ve been hesitant to write a post if it’s not very long; all the SEO folks say it’s bad to publish fewer than 300 words. From now on I won’t care how long the post is – if I can share accurate and helpful information, so be it. I’ll post even the simplest things in hoping that it may start a conversation. That’s what this thing is for, right?

Wait – did I get down to my point? I had one when I started writing…

Either way, here it is in fewer words: I plan on posting helpful how-to articles and tutorial-type screencast videos here. As often as I can. I’ve been writing here for just over ten years and it’s high time I made more use of it.