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Better Verizon Coverage

I went to check my BlackBerry last night for new messages, and couldn’t help but notice a full signal meter. This was odd.

When we moved to Adel three years ago, we had great service in the then-out-of-area part of Verizon’s network. We weren’t charged for roaming or anything, and the signal was usable.

Some time last year, Verizon thought it would be a good idea to move in. They took Valdosta and put up towers in Adel and up to Tifton, covering a large area where they did not previously. I don’t know how everything works, but their moving in and activating towers really changed things about service quality. For instance: I could not talk on the phone in my house. To send a text, I had to move toward an open door or window while holding up my phone until I got “Message Sent.” I held conversations with people, but only in the driveway or the back yard.

So yeah, last night was odd – my personal phone also showed a very good signal level. I haven’t confirmed any of this, but I believe it has to do with Verizon’s acquisition of Alltel. We’ll see if this lasts. And for their sake, Verizon better do something to keep service at this level – I was determined to switch at the end of this contract after five years with them.

But now I guess we’ll stay. Seems a lot of nothing to blog about, but I’m pretty excited about my new ability to talk on the phone inside my house.

The Blog as a Tool

I’ve been busy. Will explain later.

Here is the link to the Rehberg Technology Logo.

The title The Blog as a Tool came about when I was putting an ad for Rehberg Technology in the paper. I didn’t have a disposable flash drive, couldn’t count on the folks having a floppy disk drive, and didn’t want to waste a 9ยข CD-R on the image, so I put it there and linked to it from here. That way the designer could go to the blog and easily get the image. This ended up not happening, though, as I wrote down the direct link to the image for them since I didn’t actually speak with or even see the person who designed the ad.

I thought this was a small town.

I Swear I Ran

I went for a run yesterday, but it wasn’t counted by my iPod. It froze just as soon as I started running, and I couldn’t stop because I was chasing Beth.

We’ve been having problems with the nano. My mother has had problems, and Beth’s has been nutting up too. We don’t know why this happens. Our usual route includes about 0.66mi of walking to the start of the course we’ve picked out, and 0.66mi walking to the house after the run. I decided to get my iPod ready to start the workout when we left the house, and during the walk it went to power-save mode. When we reached the start point, though, I woke up the iPod and began the workout. It froze before the lady finished telling me the workout had started. Almost immediately, it was catatonic. The backlight stayed on and it didn’t respond to any input. I’ve discovered that the only way out of this state is to let the battery die and try it again the next day.

To make a long story short, I ran 2.23 miles and it wasn’t counted. Beth is now winning the challenge we’ve made. I guess this kinda makes it even since she lost a run a few days ago in this same fashion. Hers didn’t freeze immediately, but took a dive when she tried to change music tracks during a workout.

I don’t know what’s going on with these things, but if it wasn’t so absolutely cool when it works, I’d have taken it back yesterday. We’ll get it worked out soon. We’ve got a 5K Fun Run coming up Saturday, and we’ve committed to running our 3.8 mile course this evening. If I feel like it, I’ll report as to the success or failure of the iPod/Nike+ Sport Kit usage tonight.