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I’m Back.

So there’s another way to publish to Blogger, and I guess I’ll keep it.  I had to switch a few things (actually WAY more than a few), but I have a whole lot more time to get things worked out.  Stay tuned.

The blog feed is now http://feeds.feedburner.com/BenRehberg if you’re interested in subscribing.

This is a test post.

This is a test post. I am sending this text from my phone via e-mail to a special address at blogger.

Did it work?

Update (from a computer): I am limited to a 160-character message from that phone. Not too fantastic for blogging. But it did work, and I have a new way of blogging to the world from an underground imprisonment (if that were to ever happen). Good to know.

Thought We Were Out of Beta

While trying to publish an edit to the previous post, I got this error:


Additional information

blogID: 6667391
uri: /post-edit.do
host: www2.blogger.com
postID: 4728350865740187879

Just thought you should know. Not sure why they gave me that information – they didn’t point me directly to a form to report a problem. But I trust Google.

Someone’s pager probably went off as that error number was being generated, and that thought makes me happy because it’s 3:30 AM in Mountain View, and I’m not there.