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Really Beta.

I got an e-mail from Apple yesterday about joining the new iPhone/iPod developers’ forum, now in beta. As an iPhone developer, I have access.

The system runs on Apple servers, running Java, serving JSPs. I had an error setting up my account this morning, and it looks like the whole thing broke. Maybe they should set up a forum to discuss forum issues.

Changed My Mind About iPod Touch

I saw an ad on Gmail from Amazon, pushing the iPod Touch at a discount. 9% off the 32GB, bringing it down to $460 or so. I wanted to look at it again, so I went to the Apple store and watched the videos. Some of the features are great, but they’re just not worth $460. For instance, any PDA these days can play music and videos, and most of them in that price range are equipped with Bluetooth. The iPhone with a contract has Internet access everywhere. Not so with the iPod.

No Bluetooth, WiFi only, no GPS (seriously, how hard would that be?), no replaceable battery, and it’s $500. It just doesn’t make sense. I’m going to wait for a multi-touch enabled Open Handset sporting Android. From the emulator that comes with the SDK, I expect to have everything that could possibly be crammed into a handheld device at my disposal. Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, GPS, accelerometer, multi-touch, and possibly a keyboard. All on an open platform for which the API is very open. Sure, I won’t have 32GB of storage, but I will be able to use any wireless carrier, use Bluetooth headphones, and write an application that does whatever I want it to, without anyone stopping me.

The iPhone Didn’t Do It for Me

I’m surprised at Apple. Usually when something really groundbreaking comes out, the price of the item I’ve had my eye on drops into my range. In my case, it’s been the 32GB iPod Touch for several months. I was glad to hear about the iPhone 3G, and even happier that the price of that was $199.* Almost two weeks later, the 32GB iPod is still $499. Why?
Is it that the price of the new iPhone is so low that Apple can’t reduce the price of the iPod? Are there so many people dropping $500 bills on the biggest Touch that they don’t worry about lowering that number?

Or is it just that the iPhone 3G is not that groundbreaking? I have a few reasons that might be the case:

  1. Hundreds of thousands of people already have the pokey iPhone, and it’s good enough for e-mail, so why change?
  2. Solutions were built to make the first iPhone work for their business, so there really is no need to update to a new device that supports MS Exchange natively. It would make the recent infrastructure change a big waste of money.
  3. They are late adopters, and only six months into the first two-year contract on the old iPhone. They simply can’t afford to upgrade to a new device.
  4. It wasn’t impressive enough the first time to waste money on it again.
  5. We’re all waiting for Android on Open Handsets.

In any case, I’m still not buying the Touch until the price goes down. It will only take time, or the release of a 64GB or 128GB Touch. Fine with me. As soon as it hits $300 for the 32GB, I’m in. But I’m definitely not buying an iPhone.

*Price is $199 with a 2-year contract with AT&T wireless, the very worst wireless carrier in terms of customer service. Good luck if you think the $199 tag is worth it.

I Swear I Ran

I went for a run yesterday, but it wasn’t counted by my iPod. It froze just as soon as I started running, and I couldn’t stop because I was chasing Beth.

We’ve been having problems with the nano. My mother has had problems, and Beth’s has been nutting up too. We don’t know why this happens. Our usual route includes about 0.66mi of walking to the start of the course we’ve picked out, and 0.66mi walking to the house after the run. I decided to get my iPod ready to start the workout when we left the house, and during the walk it went to power-save mode. When we reached the start point, though, I woke up the iPod and began the workout. It froze before the lady finished telling me the workout had started. Almost immediately, it was catatonic. The backlight stayed on and it didn’t respond to any input. I’ve discovered that the only way out of this state is to let the battery die and try it again the next day.

To make a long story short, I ran 2.23 miles and it wasn’t counted. Beth is now winning the challenge we’ve made. I guess this kinda makes it even since she lost a run a few days ago in this same fashion. Hers didn’t freeze immediately, but took a dive when she tried to change music tracks during a workout.

I don’t know what’s going on with these things, but if it wasn’t so absolutely cool when it works, I’d have taken it back yesterday. We’ll get it worked out soon. We’ve got a 5K Fun Run coming up Saturday, and we’ve committed to running our 3.8 mile course this evening. If I feel like it, I’ll report as to the success or failure of the iPod/Nike+ Sport Kit usage tonight.