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John Mayer recently posted about the DualDisc and its failure. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a disc with two capabilities. On one side it’s a CD just like any other, but on the other side is DVD content. Just like a dual-layer DVD, but with one layer of CD content, readable from the other side of the disc. Marvelous idea in my opinion, but apparently not for a musician who is pressured to find crap to put on the DVD side. This video is an illustration of the small production John Mayer created to put on the DVD side of his DualDisc. He also says “the DualDisc was so aptly named as only two of them were sold, I thought you might like to see.”

I admit that I own one of those DualDiscs.

This probably helped engineers get started on the dual-mode HD-DVD/Blu-Ray discs (not a bad idea if companies can’t agree, though there really should be just one friggin’ format) so we can ignore the hype of either company.

It’ll Never Happen

My good friend John wrote back in September about zombies when he was visiting Portland. Not sure what brought it up (he is a very creative fellow), but his post was funny nonetheless.

As I sit here tonight and battle another round of insomnia with milk and cookies at the kitchen table rather than my office, I’m trying to find a way to get in touch with someone loved and adored by millions. According to MySpace, John is one of my 13 friends, and I’m one of his 211,375. He is a hard person to contact due to his frequent traveling and wild popularity.

The reason I want to contact him is that I saw a book during my Christmas shopping that I thought he might be interested in. That’s all. And I’m writing about it here and now because I can’t sleep. I visited John’s website tonight after reading that he’d stopped in San Francisco yesterday to do a special show at Macworld for the announcement of the iPhone. I thought he might write to say something about San Francisco or maybe the first performance in two weeks, but nothing except the “Tao of MySpace.”

Yeah, Tao. Of MySpace.

I posted a comment on his MySpace page and thought I’d stand out somewhat with what I said. When I went back to actually see my comment (about two minutes later) I found it buried under 9 others already. It was then that I finally realized.