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Let Me Say This

This is in response to this little post. I’m not opposed to helping people. Yes, I’d like to pick the ones I help (who wouldn’t like to know where their time and money are going?). The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because too many people think that they can’t change. I’d like to imagine that if my house was flooded and everything was gone, I could make something somewhere else and get through. I wouldn’t be cursing the government or the rich because I was hungry. I don’t know a single wealthy person who would refuse to grant me a meal or even a night in their house. Some folks I know even have a spare house or two I could probably use.

As a small business owner, how am I to respond to that article? I am certainly toward the bottom of that pyramid mentioned, but I like to think I make good decisions based on what I know. It’s only my fault that I am where I am, whether I’m at the top or the bottom. Should I make more money and hire someone to pay, or should I just try to make rich people poorer to equalize the social status in my region? I don’t get it. What is the purpose of starting my own business if it is so wrong to build wealth and pay poor people to work for me? I probably couldn’t find any wealthy people to sit in my shop – I’d rather pay someone who needs the money and wants the experience.

This is all difficult to explain, but I just don’t get the point of the article. Maybe it doesn’t make a point. It offers no solution. How am I to respond?

I am More American than Bush is Approved of

The results are in. I had always wondered just how American I am, and now Ann Coulter can’t say shit!

You are 63% American!
You have 126 proof blood

You’re a genuine American, citizen or not. Americanosity runs in your blood. You’re an asset to the U.S.A as much as anyone can be expected and while you may not go out of your way to push the nation forward, you do what you can to make it all run smoothly. You root for America in the Olympics, try to stay on the right side of the law, and can name at least eight past US presidents. Keep America proud, tough guy.

Other genuine Americans include: Betsy Ross, Johnny Appleseed, Irving Berlin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Humphrey Bogart, and Oprah Winfrey.

Maybe I’ll contact the CIA and finally get accepted. This was the last bit of proof I needed after that Qu’ran peddling incident. I’ll show those bastards.

Being American isn’t all that hard. It’s the getting along with Americans I have trouble with. I’ve stated those reasons in a recent post and will not continue to bore the bejesus out of you here.

No One’s Reading Anyway

It’s the new year and I don’t have anything to declare. We didn’t party last night and we actually missed midnight – we were in the middle of a movie about mathematicians.

I didn’t know that James Brown died on Christmas morning until two days ago. Funny how the death of a former president overshadows the passing of a musical icon. I am willing to bet a large wager that more people in the United States are more familiar with the name James Brown and who he was than they are with Gerald Ford and what he did. I have no real complaint, though. More people should be familiar with US history and how our country got where it is; maybe then we’d all vote and have a better government. I’m sure that I just dipped into something I don’t want to discuss, especially since I started this post out of pure boredom, so I’ll let your comments lead the way.