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Another Break

Wow. It’s been a long time since April 14. It’s June 6 already. Let me catch you up:

I graduated college on May 12. We had a little party on the 16th. As of today I have not received my diploma.

My son was born five days ago, on June 1st. I kept those in-the-know updated via Twitter from my iPod over WiFi at the hospital. Say what you want.

Braden Michael Rehberg was born at 07:53 EST on June 1, 2009. 8lb, 9oz and 21″ long.

Having written that, I now realize that this blog is five years old. I know this because I started writing here way before my daughter was born. I announced her birth somewhere back there in the archives, too. Is this turning into a career?

In between graduating and Braden’s arrival, my business blew up and I was busier than I had ever been. It’s still going and I am glad I took this entire month off from work. Maybe I can catch up. I’m loving it so far.

As much as I hated doing all that schoolwork and having sworn it off, I caught myself at school with Beth today thumbing through the 2008-2009 Graduate catalog. They still don’t have any interesting Masters programs. I have changed my direction a bit away from IT, but it’s still a close relation: Project Management. The PM courses I had in my undergrad were interesting, and there’s quite a bit of science to the art that is Project Management. A lot of projects today are technical ones anyway, so it won’t hurt to have a background in computers and networks. Having decided that, I have not come to a conclusion as to whether a graduate degree would help me any more after I become a PMP.

More on that later. I hope to have some kind of theme to write about here, but my brain is certainly too full and prone to wander. Don’t believe me? Check the archives.



That’s my word. It’s the only word I continually misspell (that I know of). I used to misspell ridiculous, but since Beth pointed that out sometime in 2006 I have corrected my memory. I just can’t get practicioner in the noggin correctly formed.

Anyway, I had an exciting day on furlough in which I got dressed expecting to go round up new clients. I didn’t talk to a single person for the same reason as last time: If I get new customers, how do I guarantee I can help them when they call? How do I know they won’t dismiss me if I don’t show up immediately?

That said, I can’t really afford to put my reputation on the line. This day job really gets in the way, but I like the steady (yet reduced) income because I enjoy owning a home and having fewer risks of not making the payment on it. I will take customers as they come, so they understand that I am generally unavailable during the day and my specialization is after-hours response.

I should spend the next furlough re-writing the website to suit my style and communicate my intentions a little better.

Business Unusual

I got a call today from a woman who works in an office I support. She wanted to buy a laptop tonight. And then she showed up and bought one.

After all the boredom and worry about that little computer store, someone manages to come in and buy something every month. Maybe I will actually make it.

Kids, You Know?

I went to a meeting Tuesday night with a handful of local merchants in Cook County. We’re (they’re) trying to get a group together to help bolster small business revenue locally. I took Anika with me since Beth has school Tuesday nights. Anika loves my computer shop and even has a cot there to lay down on.

The mayor was at the meeting, as were the owner of the local newspaper and several other business owners (obviously). I had a hard time keeping Anika quiet and to herself as she grew bored. Once about every 150 seconds, I tried to tell her to quiet down, quit kicking the table, don’t draw on that, etc. There were several other conversations going on in addition to the speaker of the meeting. Anika wasn’t the only person bored enough to find other entertainment.

I had to get stern with her one more time, and turned around to listen (or act as if I was). I felt a pat on my arm and turned back to her. She was pointing directly at Mayor Barr and said aloud, “Well he needs to be quiet too!”

I love her. She’s so fair.

No One

“Never underestimate the disparity between developer excitement and user apathy.”
-Ted Dziuba

I was reading this article this morning and came across that line. It’s a good one-liner that encompasses a lot of what I feel sometimes.

I read the tech magazines and have my cool 2600 shirts, but no one can relate. Nearly everyone I know has better things to think about, and they don’t give a shit about what it is I do. That is, until they have a problem with some electronic device. But even then, they just want it fixed. They don’t really care what the problem was. They ask, but they don’t listen to the answer or really care for my explanation.

I like to think I know what I’m doing most of the time, and so far it’s working. It’s just that I’m lonely in my enthusiasm about computing. There is no one here like me.

Reach for the Sky

We’ve had a hold-up. My day job announced that they need me tomorrow through Friday in Atlanta, and I won’t be able to operate the store from there.

I have given some thought to setting up the iMac on the counter and doing a video chat with customers as they walk in, but that would be more of a pain right now. Maybe when I get more established downtown I can do a remote-consultation type of thing from afar.

We will now be opening the storefront on August 9, 2008. We’ll see how that goes.

Marketing Director

Hello World,

Since the success with our first customer, I have decided to expand my empire and hire* someone to make Rehberg Technology known throughout the South*. I’ll need a special person (preferably local) to buy this shirt and wear it for a solid month, outside, during daylight hours. The qualified applicant will also be encouraged to show people how to buy their own shirt of my design. The shirt truly shows what I feel and is an illustration of, well, what popped into my head this morning. Now go shop, or apply* for the position.

Interested parties should e-mail a resume and cover letter with Marketing Director in the subject line to inquire@rehbergtech.com. Individual will be paid solely on commission.

* not really.

Update: Due to the price on the shirt mentioned above, I have discontinued it. Looks like I posted too early. Hell, I can’t even get the shop activated for some reason (my impatience might be the problem). Would someone let me know when they see any products in the store? Thanks.

The Blog as a Tool

I’ve been busy. Will explain later.

Here is the link to the Rehberg Technology Logo.

The title The Blog as a Tool came about when I was putting an ad for Rehberg Technology in the paper. I didn’t have a disposable flash drive, couldn’t count on the folks having a floppy disk drive, and didn’t want to waste a 9ยข CD-R on the image, so I put it there and linked to it from here. That way the designer could go to the blog and easily get the image. This ended up not happening, though, as I wrote down the direct link to the image for them since I didn’t actually speak with or even see the person who designed the ad.

I thought this was a small town.

Tech Pillow Debut

I think my marketing skills are coming into swing now.

Beth and Anika have been gone for over a week now, and my creativity is thriving (at least during the times I am home. I have been in Atlanta for three days of it and am headed back for two more today.) I have created the logo for Rehberg Technology and have begun construction of rehbergtechnology.com, and have ordered my new business cards that include the logo. Today I had the greatest idea:

On the road, I can’t sleep in a hotel due to the pillows. I finally bought my own pillow to take on trips, along with a pair of pillowcases. I was trying to think of something funny to put on the pillow (I’m a sucker for a conversation piece), but who would actually see my pillow? I do not entertain at home, and certainly not in a hotel room. So I decided it would be a company pillow.

Don’t I work for such a nice organization? They even provide pillows for their employees based on special needs!

I couldn’t ask for more.