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Better Dressed

Beth read something to me out of a book she’s reading about the first day of school (as a teacher) and how to set yourself up for a successful year. ┬áIt read:

As you are dressed, so shall you be percieved. And as you are percieved, so shall you be treated.
It is not what is, but what is percieved that counts.
Always dress better than your students. If you do not care about yourself, why should the students care about you?

Which is probably why I need to start dressing better as a college instructor.

So noted…

Great Laptop For Sale

This is just getting old.

I was consolidating files over the network today and just had to take this screenshot. Vista has its drawbacks, but this is crazy. So…

I have a perfectly good Gateway MT6451 notebook computer for sale. $500 takes it. I’m switching to Mac as soon as possible, because I’m simply tired of waiting for things to happen and downloading hacks to make things work. I just want a computer that works as advertised and has more built in that I can use.

I don’t mind Apple’s non-compatibility with older systems. They did it that way because no one uses them anymore, so why bog the systems down? It’s what many people do – like outgrowing clothes. You don’t have the same shirts in the closet that you had when you were five, do you? And if so, do you wear them? Exactly.

And the price: the MacBook and iMac will last much longer than the average PC in terms of hardware and software usability, so I don’t mind the $2K price tag. I want three new Apple computers: two MacBook Pro laptops, and one new iMac. I could easily squeeze $6K into a powerful new Windows desktop and new monitors, but I’d rather have three working computers for that price. Plus, they run Windows too. It’s a no-brainer.

This is Not the Last Post

Today is the last workday of the year for a lot of people, and this morning I am pondering the question of exactly how much work will actually be done today in comparison to any given day in the fall. Productivity usually slows to a crawl at times like these as folks are waiting for the long weekend or a road trip. Not me; I’ve got plans to start the new year off right: I’m doing nothing different from any other day in 2006. No road trip or family visiting, no fireworks or banging pots & pans at midnight. No plans.

That’s not to say I’ll be working more than anyone else today, however. My work depends much on the needs of the people in my office. If they have no questions for me, I have to find my own projects to keep busy. Half the office is still on leave for the holidays, and I finished a large project last week, so I’ll be reading today.

So if this is the last time you’ll be in your office (or whatever you call it), enjoy it, because it’s the last time you’ll set foot in there until next year.

I really need to get better material.


Okay, so maybe I’m back for a couple more times before January 1st. I’ve just finished re-creating a document that I lost on a flash drive (physical loss, not corruption or stupidity) that is 32 pages long, has 21 screen captures, and 4459 words. It was slightly aggravating, but it is done and has been improved upon greatly. I’m just sorry I can’t publish it in the public domain due to some copyright restrictions for the images I captured.

It is an instructional document for my team to aid them in setting up each of their Linksys Wireless Broadband Routers. Everyone seemed to like the first and second editions, even the boss. He started passing it out to the Education and Training unit, and you know what they had to say?

“The page numbers are wrong.”

I got “This is very professional” from several folks, and “This helped a lot!” from others, but from a unit that had no other clue about how to set up the device, I get “The page numbers are wrong.”

So it’s no accident that the page numbering is perfect this time, the font has changed, and all illustrations now have a reference number. It was created in Microsoft Word 2003 and will now stay that way in case I lose this new flash drive (I had previously published it in PDF and had no way else to freely convert that file back to Word to recover it.)

I realize you don’t care about any of that, but I’m glad it’s all out in the open. In other news:

I’ve been reading the archives from a year ago and I’ve got to say that I’m amazed at my promises I never kept, like reading all those books. I “vowed” to read them all, and I probably could have if I’d taken the time away from the computer and desk. I’m even busier now but take more time to read since my desktop PC stays dormant much of the time. I’ve taken to do more of my learning at work, since that is what I’m paid to do – to know. So time at home is more well-spent, I’m more relaxed, patience is more abundant, and I can get out of bed easier (could be these new meds) to write and read for hours before work.

I think a good ultimate goal would be to have a new MacBook Pro by the end of the year, but there is absolutely no way I’ll promise something like that. I’d gladly give up my chance at a MacBook Pro to move to Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, or Arizona this year. I’d even take California for the right company.

But like I said (and I encourage everyone to do the same), I’m going to rock steady this year and continue my solid progression toward success, without the huge promises and false hope. I’m not going to lose any weight, buy a new car, or do any of that crazy talk. I’m just going to keep my flash drive close to me at all times, be prompt for work and school, and see where I am this time next year.

Resolve 2007?

I’ve been thinking lately about what I said last year I’d do this year, and I’ve come to the conclusion that new years’ resolutions are overrated. With that, I’ve decided that all I want to do in 2007 is the same thing I did in 2006, and that is to simply rock steady.

I know I’ll not get out of Georgia very soon as Beth and I must finish large milestones in our educational and financial goals, so we’ll simply keep doing what we’re doing, and aim for cool stuff rather than resolve to do something. Beth came up with a novel idea: we are probably going to budget enough time and money for me to take one certification exam every quarter. With that, I’ll probably schedule the test and have to “shit or get off the pot.” For something that I’ve wanted to do and half-assed for several years now, I certainly don’t want to have wasted my time and energy.

But that’s about it. We’ll keep schooling and doing projects on the house, and when the time is right we’ll move on to better things. But there is no absolute resolution, and there never was. Think about it: with all that going on (house-buying, daughter-raising, parents moving, sibling relocation, software projects failing and driving 15,000 miles on the job) how could anyone try to read the unread books in my library and blog every day? That’s just ridiculous.

So among my peers and their resolutions to lose weight, get better jobs, get more, spend more, and save the world, I’m going to opt out and pick up a book.

Have a fantastic new year.