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>= 1 Mile per Day

I’ve tried to commit to crazy things, like reading all of my unread books in a short time and cycling every morning.  However, I just got some motivation.

The Beer Runner has been running at least one mile and drinking at least one beer every day for 846 days now.  Yesterday he woke up after having been discovered by the influenza virus and apparently had a time with it.

Given the condition he described, he still ran that mile and drank a beer.  I should be ashamed of myself having my own commitments interrupted by late nights with sick kids, traveling, studying, and the timeless cases of the “I just don’t feel like it” syndrome.

Famous last words of a commitment: Starting tomorrow…

Starting tomorrow I will run at least one mile every day.  I’m not too crazy about the idea of having to drink a beer every day too (it gets expensive), but the daily minimum-mile I can and should do without fail.

Every morning presents the opportunity.  If I get up late, I run in the afternoon.  It’s only a mile.  If it’s raining, storming, or just too late in the day, I have a treadmill and won’t be ashamed to use it.  While I have every excuse not to run, there is a way around or through that excuse.

I’d like to say I’ll keep this blog updated with my runs and experiences, but I’m not going that far.  A mile a day is enough for now.  Follow @42flows on Twitter for the Runtastic posts made when I finish each run.

And wish me luck.

Running Events Calendar

I have published a new calendar today to remind myself of the running events in the area.  I have placed 26 events that will occur after today.  At an average $15 per event, I had better start pushing for a raise.  Let’s see that figure in writing: $390. Actually, that’s not as much as I thought I spent every year.  Anyway, get over to benrehberg.com/running to see the events I’ve put on there.  If there is an event you want put on the calendar (because I can’t ever find them all), get me the details.  Some folks rely on a single source for their information; I suffered from that last year.  If you want to participate in a run every Saturday and holiday, you should look around for more events and probably venture further.  That’s why I made this calendar public.


2009 Winterfest 5K

The Winterfest 5K in Valdosta will benefit Toys for Tots. The registration form was just released, and you can click here to get it.

Keep in mind that if you’re crazy as I am there’s another race that day in Tifton at 2:00pm, and you can finish that in time to get to the Winterfest at 4:30. Contact the Tifton Kiwanis Club for more information on that race.

Blazer Corps 5K

The form is here if you want it. I’ll be running and I expect to get a much better time than I do on average. From my previous six 5K races, I’m averaging somewhere around 33 minutes. That’s horrible, given that I need a much faster pace to join the FBI. I’m running every day until the 14th, so I’ll see where that gets me.

5K For Missions

There will be a 5K race November 21 at 8 am to benefit Liz Norris on the World Race. From the form:

The World Race is an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries. I will leave in January 2010 and return in December. I have to raise a total of $14,000. I am reaching out to the Valdosta community to help make this happen. For more information, visit liznorris.theworldrace.org.

You can get the registration form by clicking here.

Needs Improvement

This was me near the finish line yesterday. I clearly need some training before the next one. Look at me – my stride is so short – stamina needs improvement. My cool Army PT shirt is getting soaked; I don’t think it does what I was led to believe. Clothing needs improvement. I have two weeks until the Barnes Health Care 5K on the 18th, and I intend to finish a lot sooner. At least by a minute.

Off to RunnersWorld.com to get some training tips.

Post-Valdosta 5K – 34:18

The run was fun, as it should have been. Last night I decided that I wasn’t going to go because I hadn’t taken enough time to prepare. If you look back two posts, I ran 5K in 35:22 six days ago. Having not trained any since then, I still ran a faster time this morning: 34:18.

Now that I’m finished with college for a while, I actually have time to make this a hobby. I tried to do it in 2007, but as soon as I started back to school all the physical activity ceased. I don’t have any more excuses to run more often. If I’m still going in to Federal service I had better get going.

Valdosta 5K

I haven’t run any more but I guess I’ll go anyway tomorrow. In all consideration, I don’t need to be the fastest guy running (even though it would never happen anyway). I really just need to go and be there. As long as I have fun and get the t-shirt, all will be well. What else did I pay $20 for anyway? I will try to remember to report the results.


I wasn’t dragging the dog on this one and I actually changed the units on the GPS to metric. 5K in 35:22, which isn’t bad since I ran 31:24 in 2007 after running for two months. We’ll see what it is tomorrow, if I even make it out. I didn’t even run the whole way. I walked more than I wanted to.