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More Java Fun

The TV-as-monitor fad went out this week. I really just need that machine to do more than I make it do, so I’m getting ready to throw XP Pro on it and replace my current desktop.

Besides, I couldn’t read the screen from the bed anyway.

School has been interesting and I’m sure you’d like to read all about it, so:

Java is a little less intuitive than the .NET platform. Programming things like default actions and which element gains focus is a little harder in Java. In fact, I haven’t figured it out. This weekend I had to write a program that accepted a list of names while ignoring duplicates, then allowed the user to search for a name in that list. Easy, right?

The flow of the program was easy: Accept a name or a list of names, put them in a list, then turn around and allow the user to search for a name in the list. The project was to have us use the LinkedList data structure and its methods. Very easy in design, but I got hung up on something so simple as sending the signal when the user was done typing names. I couldn’t do this simple little procedural program, so I decided to do a full-fledged desktop application.

It’s called (for lack of a better name) Name Reader.

Way easier to manage the input with an event-driven model rather than a command-line-based procedural program. The user puts a name in and presses the “Add” button, and voila!

When the list is big enough (or whatever), they can search for a name from the search box:

If the name is in the list, it will say so and give a position number. If not, it will also say so, but give a button with the option to add that name to the list.

Genius, huh?

Actually, I don’ t think so either. I wish I could come up with something really grand so I can join the club of cool programmers. I have all the books; I just need that pinnacle of expertise that says “I have arrived!”

Anyway, here’s the project file (NetBeans) if you want to look at it and improve upon it.

I Don’t Want to Speak Too Soon, But…

It looks like I’m back. I went running again today and finished without pain. I ran on a level quarter-mile track to work on my running mechanics and it looks like I’ve found a good stride. There aren’t any marathons in the near future, but at least I can sweat a little more these days.

I’ve applied for a job far away. That’s all I’m going to say at this point. The day after I sent my resume, another possibility popped up out of nowhere. They say “when it rains, it pours,” but I’m not one to believe that. Nothing is pouring yet, and it is unclear when anything will happen if it does at all. I should know something more in two weeks.

Aside from that, there’s not really anything to report. I haven’t been in deep thought until a few days ago when I was contemplating the possibly drastic life changes that are imminent and how to plan for that. I’ve just been trying to get motivated in to doing my schoolwork and it’s not working. The last two Friday nights found me experiencing crunch time and almost missing deadlines because I just don’t want to do the work. Two classes: one is boring and one is difficult. “Professional Communication” is boring and “Discrete Mathematics” is proving to be a challenge.

In a classroom setting, this would be a breeze even at this pace (5-1/2 weeks), but online work is different from that. There are no tests or quizzes. There are live online presentations, and two assignments due each week for each class. One must stay in a constant state of concentration (or at least have it in the back of the mind) to keep up with it while avoiding crunch time on Friday night. My problem is that the classwork doesn’t concern my everyday tasks or interests, and so I don’t care.

One must then decide whether it’s better to just do the work on time and keep up with the class and instructor or to crunch and still get A’s. I’m still in debate. Until then,