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Random Thinking

I’ve just come to the conclusion, at 12:48 this morning, that I don’t write here much anymore because I really don’t care enough to do so.  I am not that passionate about anything anymore to the point that I feel I should write about it.

Apparently I’m passionate enough about not being passionate, though.  I’ve just told you in a couple of sentences that I don’t care about anything enough to write a public discussion.  And look – you’re already growing bored of this post.  The fact is that I have had this blog here at benrehberg.com for over six years now and I have only posted 520 times.  I’ve nearly tweeted that much in 18 months.  And speaking of Twitter, I think I’m getting off of that train.  Facebook too.  Down with friends who only know me again through a social experiment and marketing shithole.  And fuck Mark Zuckerberg.

And lately, fuck Google too, and their sleazy one-night-stand Verizon.  I’m beginning to dislike those companies simply because they profit too much on the personal interactions of individuals.  It’s a sickness that wears one out from the outside in.  First it was search results which were innocent enough. It has come all the way to “push” advertising, where Google will know that since I like pizza and I am near a pizza restaurant, my phone will buzz to tell me the specials there (near future).

No thanks.  I’m quitting Facebook, and I am seriously considering not continuing with Google and Android.  I do not live where that plethora of information is usable, and I am becoming increasingly afraid that we will become too dependent on this availability of data and personalization.  Like GPS has done for travelers – we no longer have maps or ask for directions.

I realize that I am rambling.  It’s late and I have been drinking to counteract the early-afternoon coffee that punishes me when I close my eyes tonight.

Verizon and Windstream Have It Out For Me

I am without Internet access this morning at home.  No big deal – an outage has to happen sometime, right?  We can’t have a perfect world, so I am not all that upset about not being able to read e-mail.  I have many other things to do at 5 am.
However, one thing I chose to do was test the new tethering capability on Android 2.2.  Would I need a driver or special software?  Android 2.2 gave devices the capability to share its Internet connection via WiFi (which was a fantastic idea, by the way), but Verizon left that part out of the 2.2 update for the Droid.  I called them cock-blocks that day for that.  A statement I read spewed some bullshit about the Droid not having the ability to do that – a hardware limitation.
Folks have been rooting the Droid and making it a hotspot since the damn thing hit the streets.  It obviously has the capability.
Anyway, it turns out that if I want to tether it with USB, all I have to do is plug it in and turn on tethering.  Windows 7 apparently works well with it.  We got a private address and everything – it looked good.  However, I did not have access to the Internet.  I tried to browse the Web with the phone and got the page from Verizon that said: “If you would like to subscribe to mobile broadband…”  I was not happy.  If I have unlimited Internet access via my handheld device, what is the difference if I use that connection with a computer?  Why do I have to pay even more just to use the same service in a different way?
I didn’t get an iPhone because AT&T wireless sucks in rural areas, such as the one in which I live.  Sprint is the same.  Verizon has coverage nearly anywhere I go, so I stuck with them.  Now they’re sticking it to me.  And I am not happy.
I do now believe that when I move to a respectably-sized city I will be switching carriers.  Wankers.

Better Verizon Coverage

I went to check my BlackBerry last night for new messages, and couldn’t help but notice a full signal meter. This was odd.

When we moved to Adel three years ago, we had great service in the then-out-of-area part of Verizon’s network. We weren’t charged for roaming or anything, and the signal was usable.

Some time last year, Verizon thought it would be a good idea to move in. They took Valdosta and put up towers in Adel and up to Tifton, covering a large area where they did not previously. I don’t know how everything works, but their moving in and activating towers really changed things about service quality. For instance: I could not talk on the phone in my house. To send a text, I had to move toward an open door or window while holding up my phone until I got “Message Sent.” I held conversations with people, but only in the driveway or the back yard.

So yeah, last night was odd – my personal phone also showed a very good signal level. I haven’t confirmed any of this, but I believe it has to do with Verizon’s acquisition of Alltel. We’ll see if this lasts. And for their sake, Verizon better do something to keep service at this level – I was determined to switch at the end of this contract after five years with them.

But now I guess we’ll stay. Seems a lot of nothing to blog about, but I’m pretty excited about my new ability to talk on the phone inside my house.